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Sad to say for those who know the guest house well, we have said a fond farewell to the beautiful old pear tree. She broke in two when there was a severe wind at the beginning of June when we had guests due in. Fortunately no one was on the path when the main trunk fell and although it fell toward the garden rooms, it did not quite touch them. So apart from the sadness of losing a tree, there was only slight damage done to the gardens. After a huge effort on the part of those involved the tree was completely removed and cut into suitable logs etc. 

The baby pear tree, is now over 2 meters in height and bore her first pear this last summer. Happily it was on the other side away from where the main trunk of mama fell. As suspected the culprits for the trees demise were ants eating her roots and the lower area of the trunk. We are working out a new garden area and the sitting area will change too.

As with most of the country we have had a really severe drought and so the gardens are not as lush as they have been in the past. Our borehole is still running well, but we are really only using it to keep the trees and major shrubs alive at the moment. Lucky for us we do not have a huge pool, and it is all borehole water anyway.

The animal contingent of the guest house are all doing okay at the moment after our frightful start last year, when Joey was run over and had to have a pin in his leg, and dear old Holly went to the happy hunting grounds. Whilst Joey was in the vet we met Tommy, who became part of our household. He is not a full breed collie, but there is a lot of that breed in him. He is our rescue pup of note, as he has hip problems which were only discovered when  he was 4 or 5 months old. He had such a terrible start in life, but is a fantastic little character, and with good hip repair type food and Arthritic medicine, we seem to be able to give him a good life for the moment. Joey recovered very well, thank goodness, and is back to his old self. We also had the addition of 3 delightful ducks to the guest house. They are Peking ducks, so you can enjoy a duck egg with your breakfast, and know that they are hard at work on the premises. They are turning into interesting pets, sometimes a bit vocal, but normally quiet.

Villa Reinet Guest House was a "stoep" used for the annual Karoo Wine Club Stoep Tasting event at the end of May. It was wonderfully supported, and those who attended all seem to want to book early for the event next year. We did not offer a sit down meal, but rather finger type food, like smoked sausages in buttered rolls, soup and roll and even decadent chocolate brownies, all seeming to hit the spot for those tasting the delicious wines of Creation [Hermanus area] and Skipskop [Napier] The Stoep tasting event is 5 years old and has been growing annually. It is always the last weekend of May - so make a note in the diary. 

We also joined a marketing group called Karoo Heartland Marketing Association, which is aimed at those wanting to make a meandering and interesting journey throughout the Karoo area. Experiencing different things, and different accommodations. They are running a really excellent competition at the present so do log onto their website to get full details. Remember, many of the delightful offerings in the Graaff-Reinet Nieu Bethesda and Aberdeen areas, are all easily accessed from our special guest house. Get the dates, and check our online booking system for your convenience.

Remember there are a couple of happy events coming up in the town, one being the re-union weekend in August, which is always full of fun and laughter, and the other that comes immediately to mind is the Karoo Lus in September, which this year sees the inclusion of the Parlour Tones as their final act. So do not delay, book with us today. 

Fun talking to you all,

Cheerio from us in a chilly Graaff-Reinet

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Accommodation Graaff Reinet Guest House Accommodation

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